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Decisive Design

What's The Problem?

Ensuring Design Integrity

It's a go! A wonderful new cloud solution has been approved. Your team captures and shares architecture and design information in a mixture of PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, Word and similar applications.

Design, it's everywhere. You're generating lots of it and it's feeling good, until...

Answers are hard to find?

Design reviews become time consuming and subjective.

Think of a number?

Achieving non-functional requirements feels like guesswork.

They want what?

Extracting design information for different consumers is daunting.

What if this happens?

Dependencies and flows aren't quite as clear as you'd expected.

Can we change this?

That impact assessment involves more guesswork than you'd like.

Show me how?

Audit, certification and assurance questions. Feeling uneasy?

Sound familiar?

Managing the architecture and design for your cloud solution whilst ensuring its integrity can be a struggle

Mixed messages

I thought that meant...

Design concepts mutate in their journey from slideware to real-world implementation.


Isn't this the same kind of...

Similar parts of the solution are designed differently and design reuse is rare.

Numbers are hard

That number covers most of it...

Mutated concepts and inconsistent design make it difficult to quantify aspects of the solution.

What's related?

I think we've found most of them...

Assessing the impact of design decisions and change requests on the solution is hard work.

We can help you

Our offer to you is simple, let us help you succeed


Draw on our experience of how to get value from model-based design for your cloud solution.


Let us provide, develop, extend and integrate your tool chain to make it work harder for you.

Our Approach

Decisive Design

Blending model-based concepts, solid engineering practices and just the right amount of tool support

Make decisions, not guesses


Identify the building blocks of your solution and how they can be used.


Guide and capture your solution design.


Check your design for conformance and quantify its key attributes.


Navigate your design, view from different perspectives, ask specalised questions and gain insights.


Share your design with people, systems and tools.


Drive the design through your tool chain.


One architecture

The description of your architecture provides the framework and rules for governing all designs.

Consistent designs

Individual designs for parts of your solution are constructed from a common set of defined building blocks.

Design integrity

Designs are built from your architecture description and can be programmatically checked against it.

Informed decisions and commitments

With structured architecture and design information, getting the numbers and lists you need to make decisions and commitments just got easier.

Analyse dependencies and what-if scenarios

Your model-based information can now be sliced, diced and explored to give you the insights you need as your thinking, challenges and drivers change.

À la carte design information

People, systems and tools can pick and choose which parts of the design information they need. Consistently and repeatably.

One Truth, Many People, Many Views

Model-based engineering, made relevant

Build it right
with Decisive Design

Have a cloud, data centre or large technology solution to design?

Start heading in the right direction.


Your vision, your rules

You know the type of solution you're going to design, some high-level decisions and constraints are already shaping the way ahead. To inform the design process these need to be communicated with clarity.

Decisive Design captures these so that they provide the framework and rules for your solution design.

Using a minimal set of modelling notation, your vision and rules soon become building blocks, attributes, relationships and patterns that can be utilised by designers and programmatically exploited throughout your tool chain.

Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, roll-your-own? Describe it and move on.


Create and communicate, consistently

Creating designs whilst staying true to the wider architecture becomes simpler.

Familiar palettes, toolboxes or other design aids allow designers to focus on the needs rather than specifying everything from first principles.

From building blocks to design model, traceability and integrity is built-in with Decisive Design.


Understand how it measures up

With a model-based design your ability to quantify things that are important to you just took a giant leap forward.

As a bonus, you can also continuously check your design conformance against your architecture.

Top-down architecture changes? Bottom-up design refactoring? No worries, with Decisive Design the model now provides your eyes and ears.

Compute cores, license counts, networking, storage capacities, application versions, security zones. What's important? You decide.


Discoveries await, you have the means to find them

Visualisations are powerful things. When coupled with the ability to slice and dice the underlying information they become your new best friend in times of need.

How do two applications interact, what's in the chain? What's impacted if something fails? Are all network routes secured?

Time to make your model work harder for you. Pick your own question, Decisive Design will help you discover.


Flow your design to where it's needed

Nobody wants to wade through a raft of design information to find the parts they need but that's what people have got used to.

It's now easier to identify and deliver the relevant information, and only the revelant information, to your data consumers.

Decisive Design helps you deliver the right design messages and helps your data consumers avoid the noise.

Is Decisive Design For You?

Who it helps and how


Empowering architects to share their vision

The process of formalising your architecture using Decisive Design helps you develop a more robust architecture and gives you the means to assess and influence design conformance.


Giving designers the building blocks they need

Working from defined concepts makes it easier for you to focus on solving the real problem. If something doesn't fit the architecture it's easier to explain why objectively. Defined concepts work both ways.


Helping reviewers see the wood for the trees

Design information is presented consistently and in a way relevant to your review. Getting definitive answers becomes possible.

Data Consumers

Making design data accessible and consistent

You can get the data you want without the baggage. The flexibility provided by the underlying model helps level the playing field. Now it's not just one size fits all.

Audit & Assurance Professionals

Integrity, consistency and traceability

The basis for design, relationships between design elements, it's completeness and metrics are now more transparent. Ask away, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Tool chain integration

Right information, right place, right time

Tool chains vary from project to project, we get that. We apply model-based architecture and design concepts in a practical way across the tool chain.

Using different tools?

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve a model-based design process by blending, integrating and extending different tools.

Sparx Enterprise Architect

Making Model Driven Generation (MDG) technology work for you

neo4j Graph Database

Explore relationships, gain powerful insights

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI)

Evaluate and quantify your design


Make design information available to your CMDB

Microsoft Office

Document generation and sharing


Analyse behaviours and performance via network simulation

Find out how Decisive Design can make your cloud, clearer.

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